“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

-Frank Gehry

Pyxis web architects - a team of highly motivated & creative designers, developers and marketing personnel.

Getting a quick and cheap website for your business is like ordering a half-baked cake to celebrate your company’s Golden Jubilee. That is why we develop websites based on an original concept, a strong architecture and proper online marketing.

The company’s website is its online identity. For an excellent web presence, your business needs an excellent website. A website that will enthrall its audience by its unique to concept design. A website with a strong foundation on which your business grows exponentially. This is the first step to your online success. This is what we provide when we build your web presence - A nonpareil web presence.

On the road to success one must never stop halfway. That is why we follow-up with our grand arsenal of online marketing techniques reaching each and every probable prospect and guiding them to your website. The rest has been taken care of.


  • Maximizing the productivity, efficiency and market reach of every client.


  • Developing the most engaging and user-friendly websites of quality par excellence.
  • Providing the most expansive social media and online marketing services.
  • Providing every business with the most productive web-presence and a powerful online identity.